Stephanie Prisco-Buxbaum is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany, with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Theatre.  As the Health Promotion Coordinator and CAPP (Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention) Director for Long Island Gay And Lesbian Youth (LIGALY) with The LGBT Network, Stephanie runs the Pride Empowerment Project (PEP) Teams weekly program, spreading awareness and education on many important topics regarding a healthy transition from adolescence to adulthood for Youth aged 13-21.  She also provides facilitation of “Be Proud! Be Responsible!”, a 5-hour workshop, educating adolescents on the skills and tools to make proud and responsible choices in regards to their sexual behavior, promoting risk reduction relating to HIV, STDs, and adolescent pregnancy, in schools, and in LIGALY community centers, all across Long Island.

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