How are you using social media to grow your business? What challenges are you facing? Social media usage keeps growing. At its best, it can help your business expand its reach, engage with your audience, and build loyalty; at its worst, it can be a PR mess, or even result in legal liability. In this panel, we’re discussing how social media can help and hurt your business, and offering tips for making the most of your own social media marketing. Please join us for a night of networking, and learning from our knowledgeable panel.

ODNLI is fortunate to offer this panel with many years of experience:

Joe Dowd

Joe Dowd is the editor of Long Island Business News (LIBN), Long Island’s premier business publication. He is a native Long Islander who has spent more than three decades as a journalist, both in print and online. Prior to joining LIBN, he spent four years with Patch, working exclusively online editing several news sites. He is also a playwright and a novelist.

Edie Reinhardt

Edie Reinhardt is Principal of RDT Content Marketing, a marketing consulting firm. She specializes in helping professional services firms attract business by creating, leveraging, and promoting content that distinguishes them from their competition. She is a former practicing attorney with extensive experience in marketing and publishing services, including content development, as well as consulting on strategic marketing plans, marketing communications, and social media. She writes and blogs regularly, providing tips on how to make the most of your marketing resources.

Paul Rubell, Esq.

Paul Rubell, Esq. is a partner in New York law firm Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein, and Breitstone, LLP. Paul counsels businesses about best practices in their use of social media platforms, deployment of their e-commerce websites, launch of their mobile apps, and the challenges raised by the ever-changing landscape of state, national, international, and cross-border privacy laws. Paul’s practice also encompasses privacy law, cybersecurity, the protection of sensitive personal information (such as credit card, financial, demographic, healthcare, and educational data), and copyright infringement on search engines, websites, and social media platforms. He is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Touro University Law Center, where he teaches Digital Intellectual Property Law. Paul graduated from Georgetown University Law Center.

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